Offering interior and exterior design and consultation services with a focus on sustainable living, Holden Design Group was established in 2008 and is based in the St. Louis Metro area. HDG is a collaborative between a complementary and diverse collection of beings – human and canine.


Melanie has a fresh and forthcoming approach to her projects. She works with her clients to help define and express their own styles, providing hands-on services from design conception to the finishing touches. Holden Design Group is her muse, her passion. She adores color, fabric, great lines, old things, and sustainable resources. She gathers inspiration from the world around her.

Professionally designing for 13 years, Melanie has been awarded projects in St. Louis and across the country, including the cities of Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Her varied projects include new and old homes, historic lofts, various commercial and office spaces, and senior living communities. With strong dedication to sustainable design, she continually researches and evaluates materials and sources, offering clients an array of products and services that are truly responsible.

Melanie earned LEED Accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in 2008 – a significant contribution to her well-rounded understanding of what it means to be truly sustainable. Her commitment to environmental design and historic preservation go hand in hand, and she is a marvel at seamlessly integrating the old with the new. Melanie is also a blog contributor for where many of her musings spotlight sustainable products for the home.




David is HDG’s “Jack of all Trades.” As luck would have it, he has the ability to master just about anything he sets his mind to. He is the Photographer, Mover, Handyman, IT Department, Personal Chef, Real Estate Broker, and Idea Bouncer-offer... The company could not exist in this capacity without his expertise and versatility. To learn more about David, visit




Milo was added to the HDG team in April of 2012. He is a definite keeper and thrives as HDG's part time office manager. He is also a strict enforcer of appropriate work / family balance and does a great job of keeping us all in check. He gets to enjoy the fruits of Melanie's labor as he resides in an eclectic one-of-a-kind nursery that you can view in the "Spaces" link on HDG's website.







Last are McQuade and Wile E. The canine quotient unfortunately does not do numbers, but they DO make excellent Wellness Leaders. Their stress-relieving techniques are unmatched, and they have even been known to provide inspiration at times. They work for cereal, peanut butter, ice cream, and occasional pool time. McQuade and Wile E. are so integral to the team they have their own photo gallery on the “Inspiration” page of our website. Check it out!